What are the different kinds of Moroccan people?

Morocco is a rich country when it comes to people and their cultures. In general, we can talk about two different kinds of Moroccan people; Berbers and Arabs.


Berbers(Imazighen) are the indigenous people of Morocco and North Africa. About 10 to 12 million live in Morocco. Berbers of Morocco can be divided into three main groups; the Rif, Souss and central Imazighen, each group has its own dialect. Among all the Moroccan people, the majority of Berbers are Muslims.

First of all, Riffians, also called Riyafa or Rwafa, are about 6-7 million and most of them live in North Morocco. Their dialect is Tarifit. Besides some of them live in southern Spain, as a result, the majority of Rifians speak Spanish and mix it with their dialect.

Secondly, we can talk about Souss Berbers(Issoussien, Ishelhien or Chleuh), they are about 14,2% of Moroccan people, living in the Atlas Mountains and Sous Valley of Morocco. They consider the beautiful city of Agadir as their capital. Furthermore, Their dialect is Tashlhiet or Tassoussiet. In addition to that, Moroccans consider them as a basis of the economy.

Last but not least, Central Berbers(Assamer), most of them live in the southeast of Morocco. This kind of Moroccan people consists of many different tribes and each one lives in a specific place. They used to have combats in the past for land, and the main tribes are Ait-khbash and Ait-Bourk.

Moroccan people, Berbers.


The Arabs are sure one of the main parts of Moroccan people. These kinds of people are everywhere in Morocco, and there is no specific place for them. Moroccan Arabic is called Darija, and it also has different kinds. But, when it comes to writing, they use standard Arabic more. Apart from this, almost everyone in Morocco speaks Darija.

There are about three types of Darija; Northern, Central, and Southern. However, there is no such big difference between them. Furthermore, it consists of some Berber words and vice versa. These two languages made exchanges trough past time.

Arab poeple, Moroccan people.

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