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The longest trips in Morocco are with our tours from Casablanca. It is” the White House” or “Anfa” in Berber, is the largest city in Morocco with more than 3.35 million people. It’s in the central-western part of Morocco bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Many see it as the economic center of Morocco. Anfa was at first a Berber land before the arrival of Arabs and the beginning of Arabization. In general, it was the capital of many civilizations. Casa was a destination to many countries that tried to colonize it such as Portugal, Spain, and France. However, these civilizations’ influence made this city a beautiful and motley place. In addition to that, it is home to fabulous architecture and amazing spots. Tours from Casablanca are a unique experience that allows you to discover the beauty of this city, besides, many other cities and places around Morocco.

Tours from Casablanca:

What makes Casablanca famous?

Clearly, this city is really famous worldwide. Many say that it was the first city where the first visitors of Morocco landed. As a result, Casa was and is a destination to many tourists all over the world. Probably, what makes it more famous is being the economic capital of Morocco. Our Casablanca tours offer you the chance to visit the best spots in this city, besides providing you with the main things to do.

Where can I take great pictures in Casablanca?

– Hassan II Mosque:

Basically, when setting out for Casablanca tours, you should definitely drop by this spot; it is the largest mosque in Africa and the 10th in the world. Casablanca’s famous mosque has a picturesque and exquisite position that attracts its visitors.

– Casablanca Cathedral:

Morocco is known for being a country that welcomes everyone, regardless of their religion, culture or identity.

– Old Medina of Casablanca:

Every large city in Morocco has an old Medina, Casa’s old medina is one of the famous Medinas that you should definitely visit.

– The Corniche:

Aïn Diab is one of the most famous beaches in Casablanca. Also, this is a great spot for anyone who loves surfing… There are several restaurants and night clubs there that reflect the culture of Arabs or Arabized Berbers.

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