Your Travel agency in Morocco for customized Morocco tours 2020-2021

Your travel agency in Morocco for Morocco customized tours 2020-2021.

Imagine Morocco is a travel agency in Morocco that has been organizing Morocco customized tours from Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fes since 2011. Even more, we are recommended on TripAdvisor for the best camel ride in Merzouga desert. The highlight of Morocco activities and tours.

At first, we were doing only camel trekking in Merzouga since 2008. We help tourists discover the nomadic life by offering camel rides and Berber overnight in tents. We thought, why not expand this service and make our small travel agency bigger. Thus, since we feel we make great service in the desert, we are surely able to make tourists satisfied by offering all Morocco tours full service.

Consequently, our dream is to make Imagine Morocco one of the best travel agencies in Morocco. Also, the most trusted company that organizes customized tours through Morocco. We would be more than happy if you send us an email, to help you make your Morocco tour experience unforgettable.

Book your customized Morocco tours with the best travel agency in Morocco.

Imagine Morocco is a touristic tour guide and operator based in Casablanca. Our well-experienced team of guides and drivers will try their best to make your journey in Morocco unforgettable. With our team, you can choose to start your Morocco customized tours from any Moroccan international airports. Also, our drivers can pick you up from your accommodations(hotel/Riad) or at any meeting point.

   Note! Our itineraries can be modified according to your itinerary. Therefore, fill in the contact form below with your information for any customizations or questions. To sum up, below are our customized Morocco tours starting from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier.

Morocco customized tours:

Imagine morocco travel agency tours’ highlights :

With Imagine Morocco travel agency, we have customized our Morocco trips to the best and most visited destinations.

Our Morocco customized tours allow you to experience the fascinating views of the Atlas mountains, explore the old Moroccan Kasbahs, discover the four imperial cities of the country. Even more, ride camels in the heart of the Sahara desert and spend the night in a nomad camp.

There are things in the country that only locals know about, most of the travelers prefer to discover the country with the eyes of other travelers. However, these latters have limited knowledge about the culture and attractions in general. Therefore, with local Moroccans, tourists have more chances to discover the secrets of this gorgeous country.

Camel rides in all the Moroccan deserts :

Morocco as a country of paradox, it is very famous for its deserts, there are above 3 places where you can ride camels and watch the sunset/sunrise. In addition, our Morocco travel agency is specialized in making tours to Erg Chebbi or Merzouga desert, the most famous destination for camel rides and spending the night in nomad camps.

Visiting the nomads and discovering their life :

As known the indigenous people of Morocco (Berbers) were originally nomads, they were traveling in the past for long distances looking for better lives… There are still some of them living close to the Algerian borders, near Erg Chebbi desert. As a travel agency owned by Berbers, when you book a Morocco desert tour, our staff will take you where they live. More importantly, you will have the chance to discover their traditions, stories, and so many interesting things.

Discovering The Switzerland of Morocco(Ifrane) :

Morocco customized tours from the imperial city of Fes begin with visiting a gorgeous city called Ifrane. Moroccans prefer to call it little Switzerland. Clearly, the reason is that the houses and the rooftops are built the same way as in Switzerland city. Also, it is a very clean city. Not just that, it is the finest city in Africa and the eighth one worldwide. Not to mention, its tourist attraction is a statue of a white lion in the new city, the latter was carved by a German soldier during the second world war.

Exploring the Kasbahs :

Morocco is a rich country when it comes to Kasbahs. Huge fortresses made out of mud and straw bales. Further, Morocco used to have several tribes in the past. Most of the Kasbahs were made for the tribe leader as a way to protect him. Fortunately, with our Morocco travel agency, the customers are able to discover the most visited ones like Ait-Ben-Haddou, Telouet and so many more.

Enjoying the far-reaching views of the Atlas mountains :

Morocco is famous for its mountain series called the Atlas mountains. The latter is a tourist attraction. Besides, in the way from Fes or Marrakech to the south of Morocco, you will enjoy the far-reaching views for the green mountains, valleys and Berber villages. As mentioned, Morocco is a city of paradox. Thus, it snows in the wintertime in the high or the middle Atlas mountains, which allows many snowboard lovers or hikers to enjoy these activities while it’s warm in the desert.

Exploring the Imperial cities of Morocco :

Fes :

Morocco’s imperial cities are one of our favorite destinations. Fes or Fez has been home to many different cultures that affected it in many ways, now it is called the cultural city of Morocco. Fes is the second biggest city in Morocco with a population of 1.7 million. Moreover, it has a lot of things to see and do, taking the example of the famous place where they make leather stuff and paint them with different colors.

Marrakech :

The red city is one of the imperial Moroccan cities. In general, Marrakech is seen as the fourth largest city in the country. The busiest city of Morocco is known worldwide and it is in which the name Morocco constructed. Definitely, our Morocco travel agency is an expert in Morocco tours starting from Marrakech and will gladly show you the most interesting attractions around this city.

Rabat :

The current capital of Morocco. Although, it is less visited among the other imperial cities it has many unique and beautiful attractions that you should visit, such as Hassan Tower.

Meknes :

One of the oldest cities in Morocco that has faced many wars and settled by different civilizations throughout the past. However, its walls still telling the story of this great city that stood against different enemies. Moreover, Meknes has one of the most famous and visited attraction in Morocco, the Romain ruins or Volibilus.

Visiting Chefchaouen :

Chaouen or the blue city of Morocco is famous worldwide too, many photographers choose as the best place in Morocco for pictures. Generally, our Morocco tours travel agency offers you many options to discover this colorful city from a day trip to several days trip.

Imagine Morocco travel agency is recommended on TripAdvisor.

Hamid was an amazing guided tour
He made me feel confidence with the camels.Enjoy trying to learn our
spanish group language.
Pictures taken by him are amazing.
I will repeat this experience with Hamid again.
Our group appreciate the availability he has with us all the time


Gracias hamid, gracias por ser la persona que eres. tú Paz, tu alegría, y espiritualidad nos contagiaron la belleza de ese desierto, la pasión con que haces tu trabajo es lo mejor de ti .
En el camino pude conocer personas que entraban al desierto y con los ojos cerrados recomiendo el mejor guía hamid.

patricia T

חייב לומר שהטיול גמלים במדבר סהרה הוא חובה לכל מטייל במרוקו! זה היה אחד מהרגעים הכי טובים, שלווים ומדהימים שחוויתי בטיול. הגענו למדבר סהרה בשקיעה ועלינו על הגמל יחד עם חמיד שהיה מדריך מדהים, נעים, מצחיק ואכפתי. התחלנו לעלות על הדיונות המוזהבות של מדבר סהרה והרגשתי כמו בחלום נעים, טיילנו בין ההרים והדיונות עם הגמלים וחמיד והם באמת גרמו לטיול הזה להיות לא נשכח! זה היה מדהים וללא ספק יוצא דופן. אחד הדברים היותר מרגשים שחוויתי.

(מצרף את התמונות שחמיד צילם – מעבר למדריך מעולה הוא גם צלם מושלם!)


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