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Tangier was and is a famous city in Morocco and worldwide. Many consider it as a gate to Europe, it has a very unique strategy place. This city has one of the best beaches in Morocco, besides having almost all the houses painted in white. All of this and more gives Tangier a fabulous beauty. From this North African city, you can see the strait of Gibraltar and Malaga, Spain, when the weather is clear. However, Morocco tours from Tangier are the best if you are willing to visit imperial cities.

This city is a seaport on the northern coast of Morocco. This white city is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Clearly, you should not miss it when visiting the country. However, it is a destination for many people especially sea lovers from surfers to hikers. In addition, the weather is just perfect and partly cold.

Many westerners settled in the city of Tangier. Moreover, a number of westerners settled in this city and it was a haven for many writers and artists. People in Tanger take the name of tangerines, and they live a modern life. Furthermore, the languages that you could deal with when visiting Tangier are Moroccan Arabic, Berber, Spanish, and English. In Tanger, you will find people mixing between all these languages and create their own Darija.

Tours from Tangier:

Where can I take great pictures in Tangier?

Tangier like other Moroccan cities has many things to offer, many beautiful spots for enjoying and taking pictures.
Definitely, one of the main things to do in Tangier is surfing. Many people including Moroccans visit this place to do surfing and walk along the sea. Here are some of the places that worth visiting in this city. Without a doubt, Morocco tours from Tangier offer you many panoramic places and green landscapes for great pictures.

The Kasbah:

One of the best places to visit and get lost in its beauty, this is one of the most famous things in tangier that gets many visitors year-round.

St Andrew’s Church:

This place was built in 1905, and it is still an amazing place to visit. In general, this shows the tolerance, solidarity, and diversity of the Moroccan people. In addition to having the idea of accepting the other. However, Morocco tours from Tangier offer you a great opportunity to discover the Moroccan people.

The American Legation Museum:

This spot shows the American Moroccan strong relationship. It is the first property of the USA out its country. However, our country was the first to recognize the United States as an independent nation.

A walk through The Souk:

Definitely, a walk through the city’s Souk is always a joyful thing to do. The Moroccan markets are full and colorful, especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Tangier tours allow you to discover them in the best way.

Visit The Grande Mosquée Of Tangier:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best places in Tangier to explore, it is the main mosque in the old medina of Tangier. However, it is said that it was a church before turning it into a mosque.

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