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Imagine Morocco customizes the best desert and city tours from Fes, it’s the second-largest city in Morocco with a population of 1.412m(2017). Furthermore, it was found under the Idrisid rule(Moulay Idriss) during the 9th century and was one of the imperial cities. In addition, this cultural city is about 32% Berbers and about 53% of Arabs or Arabized Berbers. It is also three main parts, “Fez El Bali” which means the old Fes, “Fez El Jdid” and that means the new Fes which was in the 13th century. With regards to its name, it refers to its founder. To sum up, this city is in the middle Atlas mountains range and It has one of the best climates in the country. I mean, the weather is not as dry as in the high Atlas range.

Tours from Fes:

What makes Fes famous?

Fes is really famous for its old city “Fez El Bali”. This is the oldest part of this city. With this in mind, it’s a world heritage site since 1981. It is also famous for a university called “Alkaraouine“. Further, It’s in the old part of Fes.

Where can I take great pictures in Fes?

For anyone that loves photography and wants to do it in Fez. Below are some of the best places you should visit.

The blue gate(Bab Boujloud) :

People consider it the main way to the old Medina. For this reason, it’s very crowded there and It’s like a battle to photograph. So, to get the best pictures you need to shoot from outside of the gate. You will get the opportunity to capture all the beautiful Arabian colors of it with locals in the picture.

The tanneries :

Fes is very famous for its leather tanneries. The most famous one they call it “Chouara“. In total there are about three. At this place, they use very traditional methods. The reason why you should photograph there is the colors of the lather.

Mount Zalagh view :

This is a very beautiful panoramic view outside of the city. This is where you will have a chance to hike to the top of the mount. In addition, we recommend going there at the sunrise/sunset time. The city’s colorful houses reflect the color of the sun. However, this gives very beautiful shots of Fez‘s natural beauty.

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