Morocco camping in the desert is the best experience for a lifetime. Merzouga luxury desert camp and Erg Chigaga luxury desert camp are the places where the big sand dunes in Morocco. Therefore, they are the best and main places where to camp.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp.

Merzouga is a small village in the Southeast of Morocco, about 50km from the border of Algeria. It is the best place where to do Morocco camping in the desert. Merzouga is known for the big lake covered by huge sand dunes called Erg Chebbi, the finest and cleanest sand dunes in Morocco. 50ยฐC/ 122ยฐF hits the dunes in summer to change the color of the sand from yellow to golden and reddish. It’s the first best place where to experience camping in Morocco.

Morocco campng in the desert.
Merzouga camp, Imagine Morocco

Erg Chigaga luxury desert camp.

Erg Chigaga, about 45km from Hamid-El-Ghizlane, 100km from Zagora. A places know for its big Saharian sand dunes. Therefore, locals built tents and make services to tourists by spending an overnight there. The biggest Sand dunes in Morocco are in Merzouga. Therefore, it is recommended to do Morocco camping in the desert of Merzouga than Chigaga.

Morocco camping in the desert
Erg Chigaga camp, Imagine Morocco.

Morocco camping in the desert with a camel ride.

We recommend you book camping in a tent with a camel ride as transportation. That makes it a full desert experience.
With the camel ride on the dunes of Merzouga, you can stop on a high dune to either watch the sunset going to the camp, or sunrise when coming from the camp. The desert and camping in Morocco with riding the camels is surely the best of Morocco tours.

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