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   Below are some of the reviews published by our clients on TripAdvisor Marrakech and also the economical Casablanca… that may inspire you to book a trip with us. If you have already been on one of our tours, we would love you to help us get more clients, write a review based on your trust of our service. 

Imagine Morocco is highly recommended on TripAdvisor Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier.



I had a great experience with this agency when I booked 3 days tour from Marrakech Via desert, my guide Knew everything about Morocco and the berber culture. The driver was really friendly and professional. definitely, the desert and spending a night in The nomad tent was the highlight of our trip. I Highly recommend it for travelers.


I went to visit Morocco with my Dad and 85 year Grandmother who is still down to do anything! However, we did the camel ride in the Sahara desert. To sum up, we had the best time and were lucky enough to have Youssef as a guide!!! He made the experience that much better! He captures the best photos!!!! Definitely, I would highly recommend Youssef…he’s truly one of a kind!


This was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I would absolutely recommend to anyone considering it! Hamid was our camel guide and he was amazing – very friendly, happy to take lots of pictures, and went out of his way to make sure we had a great experience. In other words, the views were spectacular and the camels seemed very well cared for. Would highly recommend!


We booked a tour on a desert and it was great!
Hamid is an amazing guide. undoubtedly, we got an answer for every question we asked, took hundreds photos of us. More improrantly, there are no hidden prices, no trickery. If you’re afraid (as we were before going to the desert) that they treat camels inhumanly – don’t be. They take care of them very well, work less than 4 hours a day and seem to be happy.
Above all, I definitely recommend him and this travel agency ♥️

The sunrise watching tour in the Sahara Desert was amazing!
The friendly camel man let me have a unique experience with his reliable camels and took lots of wonderful photos and videos. Moreover, he is really a caring person and often checks if I was not too tired and taught some interesting knowledge about camels and that he was Amazigh in fluent English. Clearly, I was impressed by not only the magnificent scenery and people-friendly camels, but also his warm hospitality and great skills of photo/ video taking.
I’m sure Imagine Morocco will let you have such a valuable experience which will so much mean to you in your whole life(^^)