Tagine(most popular Moroccans food):

This is the most popular Moroccans food. Moroccans eat it almost every day. Moreover, the most famous type of it is with 7 types of vegetables. Additionally, you must eat Tagine directly from the cooking vessel with Khobz(the Moroccan bread). Also, coming to Morocco without trying this food is like you have never been to the country.



This is also a popular Moroccan food. They steam small balls of durum wheat semolina to make it. With this in mind, you always need to eat it with a spoon. For Moroccan Muslims, serve it for free on Fridays(the big prayers day). It needs about 1hour to be ready.



One of the best Moroccans food that tourists like. A sweet or savory meat pie with leaves of dough. Lots of sources say it’s originally from Andalusia. At the present time, they cook it using different ingredients such as broth, chicken, Warka dough…


Berber pizza(pitta bread):

They also call it Medfouna in the south of Morocco(its origin). Just to know it’s a Moroccan flatbread dough full of meat. Furthermore, they bake it in a fire pit for 30-60 minutes. Women cook it in a mud oven, and they usually serve it with hot mint tea.

Berber pizza


For this one, they grid lamb or beef. Besides, they mix it with lots of spices such as cumin, paprika, minced onion, coriander, and parsley. Here you should respect the ingredients. The perfect areas to try this dish, are in the small villages where the professional butchers are. At the final, the most important ingredients are ground beef, onion, cayenne pepper, cinnamon.



An authentic Moroccan soup made out of tomato, lentils, and chickpeas. This version of Harira includes sometimes meat. In addition, Moroccans serve this kind of food often in Ramadan with dates.


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