What is the best time to visit Morocco?

The best and advised time to visit Morocco is during the periods of spring and autumn. Most people prefer to travel to Morocco during March, April, and May. Coasts and beaches become warmer, which makes spring the best time to travel to Morocco, especially for hiking and surfing lovers. Furthermore, autumn is the best choice for traveling through cities and the desert. There is no bad time to visit Morocco, but here are some activities and the best time to do them.

1. For hiking and surfing:

For those who want to visit Morocco for surfing and hiking, spring is the best time to do that. It is the time when the temperature gets to its best degrees. Moreover, at this time Morocco’s landscapes get in green which makes it suitable for hikers and climbers. The Atlas mountains can be exceptionally cold from time to time. During this period of time, Moroccan beaches get warmer and the weather gets calm which creates the best atmosphere for beach lovers. Spring is not only good for these things, but it is also a good time to discover Morocco and take tours around the country.

best time to visit Morocco

2. For traveling through cities and the desert:

If you are willing to travel to Morocco for a journey visiting the Moroccan cities or the Sahara desert, autumn is the best time to visit Morocco. Most tourists find it so comfortable to discover Moroccan cities at this time. The weather is warm and pleasant for shopping and making tours inside the cities. In addition to that, the Sahara desert gets so colorful and warm to visit, for people who want to have a camel ride besides spending a night in a luxury camp, this is the best time to do that.

best time to visit morocco

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